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Workforce Development Program for Teens

Level-UP! is a safe forum for high school students to develop skills that prepare them to meet the needs of today’s growing workforce. Through Level-UP!, students have the opportunity to not only receive real-world work experience but also learn educational and professional development skills that set the foundation for future employment and academic success. 

Fall & Spring Program

The 10-week program meets twice per week offers:

  • Industry-based certifications

  • Educational field trips including college visits

  • Weekly workshops in the careers fields of Engineering and Computer Science, Health and Medicine, Law and Government, Education, and Culinary Arts.

  • Leadership development training

  • Community service opportunities

  • Study sessions

Summer Internship

Scholars accepted to the Level-UP! summer internship program will participate in an 8-week mentoring and workforce development experience consisting 15-20 hours per week of workplace experience, support from a WorkPlace Mentor, and weekly Tool Time sessions.


Tool Time sessions are aimed at teaching life skills, workforce skills and acquiring needed certifications for graduation. Scholars will receive a stipend based on evaluations completed by the WorkPlace Mentors, Program Advisors, Tool Time attendance, completion of personal development projects, and certifications acquired. Scholars can earn between $1,000-1,500 based on their performance throughout the duration of the program.

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