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One-on-one Mentoring

Mentoring one-on-one (1on1)  is a powerful and personalized form of guidance and support that involves an experienced individual, the mentor, sharing their knowledge, insights, and wisdom with a younger individual, the mentee. This close and individualized interaction fosters a nurturing environment where the mentor can provide tailored advice, encouragement, and direction to help the mentee grow personally and professionally. For youth, mentoring one on one holds immense importance. It offers a safe space for them to discuss their goals, challenges, and aspirations with a trusted and empathetic mentor, who can offer guidance based on their own life experiences. This relationship not only helps young individuals navigate the complexities of life but also empowers them to build self-confidence, make informed decisions, and develop essential skills. The mentor's influence can positively shape the mentee's perspectives, provide exposure to new opportunities, and ultimately contribute to their overall development and success in various aspects of life.


3 Steps to Mentorship

  • Virtual Orientation

  • Match Prep

  • Match Ceremony


Key Factors to be a GREAT Mentor

Mentoring requires dedicating a substantial amount of time to engage in regular interactions with the mentee. This could involve meetings, discussions, and activities aimed at providing guidance and fostering growth.

Big Buddy believes that the single most effective way to make a difference in the life of a young person is through the one-on-one relationship model. Explore our mentorship opportunities and decide which is best for you!

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