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Teen 360° is an after school program where teens from different schools throughout Baton Rouge come together to interact in a community. We learn peer mentoring and teamwork. During PowerHour we complete homework assignments, read, and participate in a GeniusLogic and RipIt! learning challenges. We also participate in a variety of enrichments clubs, because doing what we love is the best way to learn.

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Peer Mentoring and Teamwork...

The Teens and the Program Mentors work together to create a set of rules called the Norms of Interaction. All of the teens get to say what they need in order to feel safe. These collective Norms help the teens interact in a safe and free environment. Teens also participate in a daily Community Meeting in which they greet each other, offer praise to each other, voice their needs, and share announcements. Every day teens in Teen 360 work together, speak up, and help each other out in order to create a culture of peer mentoring and teamwork.

PowerHour includes...

Homework Hall with volunteer Homework Helpers - If you'd like to volunteer to come help Baton Rouge teens with our homework, visit www.bigbuddyprogram.org to learn more about volunteer opportunities with Teen 360°.
Media Lab - If you have computers or computer equiptment that you might like to donate, please do so! We have lots of papers and homework assignments to do and we need computers, printers, printer ink, paper, etc. to do all of our work!
GeniusLogic! Science and Math Learning Center
RipIt! Language Arts Learning Center
Library - Got old books sitting around that you loved reading at some point growing up? Well, we want to read them too. And we need books for our library. Please consider donating books to the BREC Belfair Free Dreams Center so that teens in all of our programs including Teen 360° can have the opportunity to read every day.

EnRICHment Clubs at Teen 360°...

A r t s & C r a f t s C l u b with Mr. James


Q: What do you do?
A: We learn how to take pictures.

Q: Why are you in this enrichment club?

CoOkInG with Mr. William

Q: What do you do in this enrichment class?
A: We cook a lot of food.

Q: Why did you join this enrichment class?
A: So we can be exposed to different cultures and differnet types of food.

Q: What do you like about cooking?
A: Learning to cook, knowing how to cook, and the way the food tastes.

Q: If you were to build your own website about this class, what would you put on it?
A: What i would put on it? Well, the recipes of the things we make and pictures of how the food looks. Maybe videos of the class.

DruMMing with Mr. Denardo

MediaSharp with Ms. Autumn

Participants in Spring 2008 include: Shandricka, Megan, Pamela,Angel,Rondreka,Kelvin,Jordan,Shay,Candance,

Q: What do participants in MediaSharp do?
A: We look over how the media portrays smoking as good and targets teenagers.

Q: Why?
A: Because statistics show that smoking is bad for you and more teenagers are influenced by the ads of tobacco companies.

Q: What do you want us to know about this enrichment group?
A: We learn and have fun with games and snacks!

Q: What would you put on your webpage?
A: Smoking statistics, anti-smoking pics, quizzes, etc.